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A video of Gaga inviting Marcel, a disabled fan, on stage with her as she sang “Princess Die”.

Gaga performing “Princess DIE” with a fan on stage last night in Stockholm, Sweden.

HQ, fan-taken images from the front row at The Born This Way Ball in Perth, Australia courtesy of @Stan4Beyonce.

We’ve updated the lyrics to “Princess DIE” and will continue to do so as Gaga progresses and continues to perform the song.

Gaga performed “Princess DIE” for the fourth time in Melbourne, Australia last night. This time, however, her band added drums near the middle of the song and Gaga added a few lyrics and vocal runs here and there.

Another video of Gaga performing “Princess DIE” in Melbourne, Australia.

Gaga performing a new song ‘Princess Die’ at the Born This Way Ball in Melbourne earlier tonight.