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ARTPOP producer list
  • Aura → Zedd and Infected Mushroom
  • Venus → DJWS?
  • G.U.Y → Zedd
  • Sexxx Dreams → DJWS
  • Jewels N’ Drugs → DJWS
  • Do What U Want → DJWS
  • Swine → DJWS
  • Donatella → Zedd
  • Fashion! → Will.I.Am
  • Mary Jane Holland → Madeon
  • Dope → Rick Rubin
  • Gypsy → Madeon
  • Applause → DJWS

Pre-order the album here:

Gaga singing Sex Dreams at Boujis Nightclub after the iTunes festival.

Additional video of Gaga singing “Jewels And Drugs”:

Gaga at a club in London with DJWS and Too $hort.

Check out the official “Applause” remixes by DJ White Shadow.

Photos of Gaga at a bar in West Hollywood earlier today.

Edit: The guy on the right is Adam Bravin from the music duo She Wants Revenge.

Gaga began working on ARTPOP almost immediately after 2011’s Born This Way came out. “It couldn’t have been more than a week,” DJ White Shadow says, “and she hit me up and said, ‘OK, the next album’s called ARTPOP, let’s go’ … I was laying on my couch watching ‘Judge Judy’ or something and trying to chill.