A video of Azealia Banks rapping her verse from her and Gaga’s song “Red Flame”.

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A video of Azealia Banks talking about her collaborations with Gaga.

❝ She called me the day I shot 1991 video and was like, “Hey, I have a song, it’s about shoes, I think you can do it. I really want you to do it,” and I was like, “Okay.” ❞

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Video of Gaga singing a bit of “Ratchet” during her show in Paris, France earlier.

You won’t fool me again with your theater, you won’t fool me again ratchet girl.

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Artist Lady Gaga feat. Azealia Banks
Song Ratchet
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Lady Gaga feat. Azealia Banks - Ratchet (Instrumental)

LQ recording of a “Ratchet” remix being played at Lady Gaga’s fragrance launch.

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Both Gaga and Azealia Banks have confirmed that the song they collaborated on is titled “Ratchet”.

Or “Rachet”, as Gaga tweeted, but we all know she’s not the best at spelling.

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