A video of Gaga’s assistant  Sonja, and Tara talking about why Gaga hasn’t been tweeting lately.

She just needs to focus on her health right now and even I keep yelling at her like, ‘YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF’.

Sonja then added that Gaga sees the negative messages sent to her for not tweeting and has asked those who are sending said messages to stop.

P.S. To those who are sending nasty messages, please realize that this is the first time since 2007 that Gaga has had time to herself to rest. And the only reason she’s even resting right now is because she sustained a possibly-permanent injury because she didn’t want to cancel her tour. Everything Gaga does, everything Gaga says, and everything Gaga encompasses has something to do with us, her fans, and the least we can do is give her a couple of months so that she can recharge. While you’re online tweeting her nasty things for not tweeting anything, Gaga’s in the studio working on ARTPOP, having meetings with her team, and attending her physical therapy sessions so that she can start the next era fresh, recharged, and better than ever. If we continue acting like entitled, spoiled brats, Gaga might just decide to stop tweeting all together.

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    And this goes beyond tweeting. She could stop performing for you bastards at all. Twitter is stupid anyways.
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