Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot answer every question we receive, so please read this FAQ before asking something.

Are you Lady Gaga? No, we are not Lady Gaga and we are in no way affiliated with Gaga, The Haus of Gaga, or Interscope Records.

Can you tell me where this video/picture/song is from? We can try, but your best bet is to send a message to the blog member who posted the video/picture/song in question.

Can you post a download link of ____? No, we do not personally provide download links of anything Gaga-related.

Can you remove a post for me? If you’re a photographer or company and we’ve posted a photo or video that belongs to you and you do not want said photo or video posted on our blog, just send us a message or contact us at the e-mail address below and we’ll happily remove the content in question. If you don’t mind that we have your photo or video on our blog and you just want us to credit you, we will update the post in question with a source link.

Can you follow me? is a sub-blog attached to the owner’s blog and therefore cannot follow anyone back.

How do I become a member of Normally I, the creator, will ask you personally if I want you to become a member, but you can always just send us a message and ask.

How can I contact you? If you have a Tumblr, you can send us a message. If you don’t have a Tumblr, you can e-mail me at anthagio{@} (remove the brackets).